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Good Lord, I dread going out because the *in thing* is those awful plug in the wall , let's make the room smell good thingies. I'm in a migraine fog, so the words escape me. When you walk in our church the smell hits you in the face! When I started work at the funeral home 9 years ago I was forced to stand there while people smelled like cigarette smoke, cigars, heavy perfume and a host of bad stuff. Even incense during a funeral Mass would set me off, so I would have to take a pill before walking in. And the older I get (I'm 63), the more sensitive I am. I used to love having vanilla candles burning, but no more. I have scent free soaps, laundry detergent, dryer sheets etc. And my pet peeve is having to run the gauntlet of cigarette smoke in front of stores. I make a huge production of holding my nose and running past them, so maybe they get the message. I have complained more than once to management that I WILL throw up from cigarette smoke, so how about have your employees smoke out back?

  1. Hi redsox72,

    I hear you!! As I age, I'm also getting more sensitive to odors. Perfume, smoke, air fresheners, you name it, I can't stand it!

    I carry a small handheld diffuser that helps eliminate offending odors. If I can find a photo of it I'll share it with you. We have some information on this topic that may help here;

    And this link may be helpful for work;

    Let me know what you think,

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