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So tired of migraine

Looking for support from others who understand. I’m 35, I can remember headaches as early as age 10. Migraine was relatively well managed in my 20s, but they’ve gotten so bad in my 30s.

I’ve had my hormones tested, I avoid my triggers (everything), I’m on two daily preventives, 100 mg sumatriptan still works but sometimes only for a few hours. I’ve tried a daith piercing before (ha), started butterbur supplement yesterday. I take NSAIDs pretty much daily.

I see my neurologist in a few weeks. It takes months to get in to her. Going to discuss Botox and maybe the new stuff—Emgality?

I’m just so sick of it. Kind words appreciated.

  1. Well, reading other people’s trials and tribulations does make me feel like I’m not alone though. 🙃

    1. jadedcat, I'm glad reading the comments of others in the community helps you feel less alone! Migraine can be such an isolating illness, it is important to find connection where possible. I hear how much you endure living with migraine. Waiting on neurology appointments is such a trial! I hope when you see her next the conversation will be fruitful and a new treatment might offer you better management for your symptoms. I thought these articles (one about the different CGRPs and one about Botox) might be of interest to you as you consider them as treatment options:
      All of these treatments can take a few rounds before the full benefit may be realized, (though some in the community have experienced immediate relief) so be aware that it could take some time once beginning. Please check back and let us know what is recommended and how you are feeling! Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

  2. Sending you well wishes. Let us know how the appointment goes

    1. I understand you


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