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Sore spot on head during and after migraine

So along with brain drain post migraine, what causes the sore spot post migraine? This time it is in the back of my head at the base of my skull. Very sore and painful.

  1. Hi cantseestraight,

    Thank you for your question. I've hear many people with migraine disease mention their head feeling sore before, during and after a migraine attack. Here's an article that has more information on this;

    There is a condition called allodynia in which normally painless sensations become painful. We have many articles on this here;


    1. Thanks Nancy! This is more like one extremely tender spot that seems to result from muscle being affected by the nerves. It takes a day two even for it to go away. Migraines are an odd beast! I read the scalp pain links you posted and that was a good start, however, this is more like a knot or specific spot. Weird, I know 😀 You're the best!

      1. Thank you for your kinds words! It's our great community that make it worthwhile!


        1. Is it right at the base of your skull on the right or left? Could it be over your occipital nerves? That's a very common trigger spot where pain likes to spawn from. I'm often sore there after an attack as the storm is winding down. I also have scalp pain (feels like my hair hurts) like Nancy is describing in various random places on my scalp. I personally found a shorter haircut helpful for the latter, but that's just me.

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