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Has anyone experienced spatial disorientation issues?

I have been diagnosed with spatial disorientation and the Dr.'s believe it is migraine related. It is 24/7. Has anyone else experienced spatial issues?

  1. Hi Kat7,

    Thank you for your question. I've not experienced this but hopefully others will be along shortly to share their journey's you.

    I wonder if Alice in Wonderland syndrome plays a role in this? You may be interested in reading this article;

    I hope this helps!

    1. Nancy thank you for your response. I read about ALice in Wonderland and it is definitely not that. I should clarify that my symptoms are constant. Some days a bit better than others, some worse. To try and explain I can’t “see” where things are spatially. I can’t determine how far away things are. Clouds in the sky are one of the worst. Things close to me I am fine with. It’s very hard to explain. The Dr’s believe it is caused by migraines that are constant, with and without pain. I have had migraines for about 40 years.

  2. I've fallen out of bed due to disorientation. I thought I didnt know it had a name. Followed by confusion and sharp pangs to the brain.

    1. Take a look at, go to symptoms and look at the link to spatial disorientation. That entire website is very informational.

  3. yes i have when i have my attacks at school with my aura the door can sometimes look 3 or inches from where it actually is. i have fallen and sometimes it feels like the room is spinning. some of the wierdest have been riding in the car where it can look like we are about to run into another car but it is 2 lanes over

    1. My aura in my right eye vibrates in my peripheral vision sometimes right up to the edge of my primary vision. Dont know if this is even close, but now I am going to do some reading...

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