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Sphenopalintine nerve block

I have chronic daily migraines.
I seen a commercial for a migraine cure ((smile)) and I called the number and it was a new type of Sphenopalintine nerve block that they said was being used in a Chicago migraine clinic?? It takes 2 treatments a week for 6 weeks and then 3 treatments every 3 months. They said they had a 90 percent success rate?? Has anyone here tried this?? I looked it up on Youtube and the procedure looks painful however the office indicated they had a less invasive way to do the procedure.
The cost is 14,000.00. It is out of network for my insurance so it would cost me 1,500.00. If it really worked it would be worth it =]
Thanks for any input

  1. Hi slhart,

    A sphenopalatine nerve block is NOT a "cure" for migraine, rather a treatment for migraine. For some people with migraine it may give them temporary relief, but that's an expensive way to go.

    Instead you may want to consider seeing a doctor who is truly board certified in headache medicine, not a neurologist who claims they are a headache specialists because there is a big difference. Migraine/headache disorder specialists have extra board certification in headache medicine whereas general neurologists (who may say they are headache doctors) may not. The thing about neurologists is it's hard for them to be experts in one area because they treat so many different conditions such as mulitple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's and other diseases. A migraine/headache disorder is THE epxert who treats one disease - ours - migraine and headach disorders. For more information on this here are a few links; and

    I hope this is helpful, let me know what you think, OK?

    1. slhart,

      I've seen this and heard local commercials. I'm actually flabbergasted at the cost. These blocks can be done in a doctor's office with Q tips, or better yet, lidocaine nose drops. Our last bottle cost about $50. Glad you know there really is no cure.

      There is a new SPG stimulator that is coming out, but it's only used for cluster headaches - a different diagnosis. SPG treatment typically doesn't help Migraine much. The fact is, there is a whole different headache diagnosis that involves contact points and spg, so I can't help but wonder if that's what they're dealing with?


      1. I routinely utilize SPG blocks in my Illinois office. The cost is under $200. We usually teach the patient how to self administer after the second or third appointment making sure there is no problems the initial SPG block. The cost of Lidocaine and special applicators is minimal. We usually give the patient initial supplies for free.

        I utilize Neuromuscular Dentistry to eliminate noxius stimulation to trigeminal nerve. Almost 100% of migraines and headaches are trigeminally involved and we can reduce severity and frequency of vascular and neurogenic headaches and eliminate most tension, sinus and muscle related headaches. We utilize the SPG blocks for the small percentage of patients who have ongoing issue with vascular or neurogenic pain. Usually the chronic daily pain is eliminated but the episodic related to ovulation, menses, diet, allergies etc

        The procedure takes 20-25 minutes and the effect continues up to 48 hours. Initially patients may utilize more often . Learn more at or

        The procedure is simple and basically painless.

        There is a popular book that was published several years ago, 1986 approximately called "Miracles on Park Ave" that describes the procedure and the ENT who popularized the technique. I learned the procedure from Dr Jack Haden shortly after after a TMJ patient brought me the book and asked if I could help them find them someone who did the procedure. No one did it so I learned and have had been using it as an adjunct procedure ever since.. It is not a miracle cure but is used when we do not get complete relief through eliminating pathologic function. I strongly Rx finding a copy of this book it is periodically available on Amazon.

        Ira L Shapira DDS, D,ABDSM, D,AAPM, FICCMO

        1. I am trying this - just had my second weekly treatment, along with trigger point injections to loosen up my tight shoulder and neck muscles. The SPG block is being administered at my pain clinic for a $10 copay. My nurse practitioner says give it 7-8 treatments. She used it on herself and was headache free for over a year. She described her migraine pain to me and it was almost identical. It is painless, easy and so far has no side effects for me. My fingers are crossed that I finally get lucky and this is something that helps.

          I have seen headache specialists and headache neurologists. They have done nothing for me - in fact I am worse that I was when this all started 4 years ago. The drugs don't work and the side effects are generally unbearable.

          I will try to keep you updated.

          Karen from Arizona

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