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Does anyone else see spots similar to camera flash after-images?

This began three years ago. The blotches in my vision affect each eye but at different times and different places in my field of view. At first, the spot was in my left eye and went away after a month. But then a month later, another one appeared in a different place and stayed for a month or so. The problem has only worsened and it's not unusual to see one a day - sometimes in both eyes. I can't concentrate. It's very distracting and unsettling. I have been to four eye doctors and each one assured me I have nothing to worry about. My eyes are doing really well. I had an MRI last week and I'm happy to say everything is in order. However, this just adds to the mystery of these spots. I often awaken to the spots. For some reason they show up at night. I have also seen these little cell-like strings in my vision moving about for a minute or two. Those often end in a little blotch and eventually go away after a few minutes. I'm not sure if that's related to the big after-images. Both seem to have begun at the same time: summer of 2014. One doctor is confident these are migraines. He said it without hesitation and I have to believe these are innocuous and nothing to worry about. I'm terrified, however. I must add this: Spring of 2014, I suffered from Shingles on my torso. I was prescribed only three days of acyclovir and the problem cleared after as many days. I cannot help but feel like the Shingles and my eye problems are somehow related. The timing is there and I can't think of a reason why these events aren't related. I took one month of acyclovir in October but nothing has really changed. Does anyone out there know what is going on here? Have you or someone you know gone through this?? Please let me know. BTW, I have had migraines with auras for 20 years or so. I get them about once a year. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I know what those are and I know what floaters are. This is different.

  1. I routinely get the flashes and it's usually the onset of a major migraine. I suffer with chronic migraines and have for over 30 years. They tested my eyes, MRI, CT scans, spinal taps ..... all came back "normal". It is frustrating that no one can give us an answer.

    1. I have one spot in my right eye and two in my left. these have developed over the last 8 years or so. they're small and mostly only interfere with small print (or visual tests at the optometrist - THAT was a trip!) it's difficult to "see" them u less i look at something lije a white wall and blink rapidly. otherwise, they just seem like blank spots in my vision. I've had auras before (without the headache) these are similar, but they don't go away.

      1. Are you healthy in general? Are the blank spots blind spots or can you see through them? If I look at a small light in the distance through the spot, I can still see it though slightly opaque. How long has it been since the third spot showed up? I get migraines with aura every so often but at least it goes away after an hour or so. I with these spots went away, too. They'd be much more bearable instead of hanging around.

    2. Even though it is hard to explain, I think I get the same thing you do. It is a very tiny speck that looks like a camera flash. Mostly in my left eye, mostly my peripheral. Mine came after I got my first migraine attack a year ago. I've had all kinds of tests, MRIs, CAT scan, eye exams, you name it and all normal. Neurologist says migraine related. It does get worse right before an attack. I do have chronic migraines and the speck doesn't go away. Good luck.

      1. I think I do, too. In fact, I've always thought that the spots were like the flash after a picture is taken. But they don't last for me.

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