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Sprix discontinued??

My 15 year old daughter gets migraines a few times a year, and Sprix nasal spray was very effective as a rescue med when she felt the aura coming on. Triptans are not effective on her. About a year ago our pharmacist old us that Sprix was discontinued. We can't find much online about it being discontinued. Are others having problems getting your prescriptions refilled?

  1. Hi tsanltr,

    Thank you for your question. I'm not aware of this medication being discontinued and just looked on the FDA shortage list for it and it wasn't there either.

    Axert and Maxalt (triptans) are medications that stop the migraine process and are FDA approved for children and adolescents. You may want to discuss these with your daughters doctor and see if they are a good fit for her.

    Good luck,

    1. Hi tsanltr,

      Sprix nasal spray has not been discontinued. It is now only available through the specialty pharmacy OncoSource RX. You

      can reach them at 1-866-823-5184. This happened sometime late 2015. It works like a regular mail order pharmacy. They

      are great to work with and the scripts are delivered in a refrigerated package.

      Hope this helps !!


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