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SSRI prescribed as complimentary with Serotonin research?

Hello, I was experiencing migraines with very prolonged auras and when I was placed on a medication I was started on Topamax and SSRI. Topamax obviously makes sense but I was wondering if anyone knew if there was some connection with the serotonin factor and being placed on an SSRI in regards to migraines? This was a headache specialists whom I can no longer get in touch with so just a shot in the dark. Thanks!

  1. Hello allison56, thank you for reaching out! Medications for migraine can be confusing! Most migraine medications were originally developed to treat another condition and have been found to have some positive benefit to treating migraine symptoms as well. Antidepressants are one such category! This article gives some information about antidepressants as a treatment for migraine I thought you might find of interest:
    I hope this is helpful for you! Please keep us posted on how you are managing and responding to your treatment plan. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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