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Has Anyone With Migraines Been Able to Have Kids?

I have headaches several times a week. I take Imitrex and it usually helps, although there are times it doesn’t. I am not on any preventative because I have been trying to get pregnant but my headaches are making me miserable. Has anyone else gone through this? I don’t want to give up having kids because of my migraines but I don’t know if I can get through it.

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  1. Hi, s.hawk26, thanks for your question. I definitely empathize with your concerns about having children while living with a chronic condition -- you're not alone! Have you talked about conception with your healthcare team? I definitely recommend it, if you haven't already. Your doctor will be able to guide you toward migraine treatments that can help during pregnancy and tips for getting by.

    For reference, we've got a ton of articles on this topic. Here's a link to get you started. 😀

    Please keep us posted! Sending you best wishes and baby dust!

    Melissa, team

    1. I have had daily headache with migraine nearly every day for over 50 years, except during my two pregnancies! Zero headaches. Felt great during pregnancy. Unfortunately, headaches with migraine returned, but perhaps you will be like me. I’m 73 now and still fight chronic daily headache with migraine.

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