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Is anyone status migrainous? or has migraines over 100+ days

  1. Yes, my pain level never drops below a 5 and generally seems to "live" at about a 7. Botox, Zomig, Imitrex help dull the pain but it never goes away.

    1. Zomig & imitrex both did not work for me. ( im triptain resistant) Had my 2nd round of botox today. Hoping i get some relief. .my pain rainge is similar to yours.

    2. do you mind if i ask how long you have had this condition/ been living with it?

  2. I've lived with it for over 40 years.

    1. Join the club! 2 1/2 years of pain level 4 and up (5- most days now). It sucks balls .... just lost my job and house because of it. Constant low level migraine with 2-3 "flares" of severe pain each week - anywhere from a couple houes to days on end. Even urgent care visits are a "success" when they get me back down to a 5/10.

      1. I feel your pain and I am sorry to hear that you lost your job and house. I also got a major migraine attack (with fainting) in july 2017 and was in and out of ERs and admitted 3 times and my employers did not care about me. They emailed me a termination notice in September so I've been home since. For some reason these migraines have been so tough to get rid of. I have had two rounds of Botox, I have become triptan resistant, tried propanolol, atenolol, Gabapentin, and many more. I am on Zonizamide and started DHE injections in myself just yesterday. I haven't had a migraine free day in at least 3 months and it increases with activity. Mine is supposedly due to hormones. The pain has increased a lot the past 4 days and I am in status migrainosus. If anyone knows of anything "natural" that works...please let me know as I truly believe my body can not handle any more meds. I think it is rejecting everything.

    2. I am just about at 100. Last time I remember not having one was the first week of June.
      I think mine was driven via UV light though. My office moved from 15 minutes from my house to about 40 minutes from my house. But I did learn that the safety glass in car side windows block between 55% and 80%. Not the 97%-100% of the front glass. So my next large purchase is going to be UV blocking tint on my car windows.

      1. I got rose tinted glasses to help with my light issues, maybe they might help you.

      2. I had a pair of FL41 glasses that had the almost rose tint. Problem was they were so low grade other then the tint, I couldnt stand to look through them, optically incorrect that they were.

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