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Stiff neck after Botox?

Recently had botox for migraine. Two months later I still have a slight stiff neck, and some swelling at base of skull. Anyone experience this? (By the way, I don't have less migraines but I am having far less intermittent headaches.)

  1. Sorry to say the Botox didn’t help much with my migraines and my neck pain continues just the same, possibly worse, wish i had better news for you.

    1. Botox actually helped my stiff neck. I have not experienced that side effect at all.

      1. I got my first treatment for Botox on Monday and I have not had any neck pain since then; and I’m used to daily neck pain. I did however end up with flu like symptoms. Still trying to get over it.
        I would call your neurologist or whoever did the Botox and ask. I know that when I was done getting my treatment my neurologist said please call with any questions or unusual symptoms.

        1. You're right, I should call the Dr.

      2. I will call my Dr and let her know about the tightness/stiffness. It didn't start until after the botox. I am willing to put up with it, though, because I want to still give the botox a chance. I have another appt for injections in a month.

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