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Still feeling awful a month after migraine?

A month ago, I lost my good sunglasses and spent the day driving, in a convertible, in very strong, direct sunlight wearing cheap sunglasses with barely any protection from the sun.

The next day I had a very bad migraine (without aura). I did some research which told me that migraines can be triggered by bright light. I've not felt right since then. I'm exhausted ALL the time (I wake up after 11 hours of sleep feeling like I slept an hour, spend the whole day thinking about sleeping, and often have to sleep during the day), I've had a few random, less severe headaches in the past weeks, my eyes are sensitive and sometimes painful. The worst thing is I've been feeling extremely grumpy and low and am often on the point of tears for no real reason. I'm listless and simple decisions are difficult to make.

Has anyone else experienced this after a bad migraine? Is this common or is there something else causing me to feel like this?

My migraine history is as follows:

- First migraine/aura aged around 13
- Monthly migraines from age 16-22 (triggered by birth control pill)
- Intermittent migraines/aura until the age of 24 (stopped taking pill)
- Stress related cluster migraines/aura for a year around age 27-8
- Severe migraine with partial paralysis/numbness down right side of body age 28. CAT scan reveled nothing sinister. Made life changes. Didn't have a migraine/aura for several years.
- Suddenly started getting aural migraines (no headache) at the age of about 34.
- Now, age 37, had first migraine for several years a month ago triggered by bright light.

  1. Hi Sherbert,

    Thank you so much for your post! Sorry to hear you are going through this, but kudos on keeping track of your symptoms, and on reaching out to hear about others' experiences. While you may get more personal feedback from the community, we wanted to ask if you are under the care of a physician. We encourage you to follow up with your doctor on these excellent questions, and we hope any community feedback you get is helpful as well. Please do keep us posted!

    Jenn (Community Manager, The Team)

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