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Strange Speech

Hello, I have experienced a disturbing migraine symptom twice in the past month. I have been talking with someone (while in the midst of a migraine) and I've suddenly realized that I'm talking with assurance and knowledge about a topic on which I know little to nothing! It's as though I've suddenly gone from rational to irrational speech. The people I was talking to may not have known at the time that I was telling them something I knew nothing about. It was really scary! And the most disturbing thing was that the last time it happened, I was teaching. I told my class something that wasn't true...afterward I felt sick to my stomach. I never intended that. It was as though I wasn't in control of my speech. I barely made it through class, the pain was so bad, but I had already missed a day of classes. Has this happened to any of you migraine sufferers? I have had trouble focusing, trouble remembering, but nothing like this.

  1. jandy - Not exactly like that, but I do remember starting a Migraine when a dear friend walked in the room to tell me she was pregnant. I started laughing at her. Totally not an appropriate reaction, and I knew it at the time, yet I couldn't stop laughing. Thankfully she allowed me to apologize to her afterward, but I have found a couple times when I had inappropriate reactions. I'm not sure if this might be somehow related or not. For me I believe it is a part of my aura.

    Don't forget, there are 4 stages of Migraine and strange things can happen in any of those stages:


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