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If I only have 2 sumatriptan pills, should I wait a full 12 hours before pill 2?

I hate the feeling of having to ration what I have on hand -- I just got a prescription for 100mg sumatriptan, and the doctor said the max daily dose is 2. My migraine generally returns after 4 hours, though I've been waiting a full 12 to take pill 2 so I can sleep through at least 1/2 the night. Is this the wrong approach?

  1. HI jirish,

    Has your doctor suggested you take it this way? Many migraine experts suggest taking a 2 dose two hours after the first if the migraine attack has not stopped, mine does.

    To be safe it would be a good idea to discuss this with your doctor and/or pharmacist for guidance.

    Best of luck,

    1. My prescriptions have always said that another dose can be taken as well. The most recent is the Sumavel Dos Pro and that can be taken within 1 hour and then yes another (being the third) can be taken in that 24 hour time frame. One thing that REALLY helps is taking 800 mg of prescription motrin or 800 over the counter advil (doctors advice). Makes a big difference especially if it is one you did not catch (i.e. woke up with it). My doctor really has studied this because his wife suffers so bad as well. He gave me this advice and it works.

  2. I have a regular pharmacy I go to and I trust the pharmacist. I usually ask her questions I have and if need be, she will email my doctor, neurologist. Nancy has already given you some great advice. And if you have a regular pharmacist I would inquire with them too.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions. Sadly I can't take ibuprofen or aspirin due to an autoimmune condition I have. I was told that 200mg is the max daily dose for Sumatriptan. The reason I asked about the timing is that almost always the migraine returns instead of ends, so taking two pills one after the other leaves me with nothing to take for when it inevitably returns in the evening, or in the middle of the night. The problem with the triptans is that they only offer temporary relief, but my migraine generally last for 3 days once started, and happened at least 2-3 times per month, so I usually run out of pills then anyways, hence the rationing. Any suggestions for further treatments I should look into? Many thanks

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