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I recently came across a product advertisement on my Facebook feed. I am usually skeptical about these things, but I'll research anything that could potentially have an effect on my migraines. Has anyone seen or tried Migravent? On their website the supplement list includes the usual Butterbur, magnesium, Vitamin B 12, and Co-Q10. But they are very expensive at almost $40/bottle. I am just wondering if this is a useful product or a scam on migraine sufferers who would try almost anything for relief.

  1. nalatuong,

    Some people have reported good results with this product.

    That said, I prefer not to take the combination products, but to take supplements individually. When they're combined, it's impossible to tell which ingredient helps if the product does help, and I prefer not to take anything that's not helping. It's also important to talk with our doctors before we try anything, including "natural" products. Take a look at


    1. I'm taking Feverfew, magnesium and B vitamin supplements - think they're the same components that are in migravent. All of the above were recommended by the neurologist I'm seeing. I'm a chronic migrainer that has gone from 15 or more days a month down to 12. The migraines are definitely less painful - but, who knows if it is the Feverfew... I'm also doing yoga therapy, which I find really helpful. I never realized how quickly I get overstimulated - and for me, that always leads to a migraine.

      1. annequin-harkin - You hit on precisely why it is usually best to try one medication at a time instead of piling several things on top of each other. When there is a side effect, you can only guess what the cause is. When it works, you're stuck using all the meds when it may be only a single med that is helpful. When you think you're going to need polypharmacy, it is usually done one medication at a time... first individually, then slowly adding one to the next until you have what you need. This needs to be done under the supervision of a really good doctor though. Remember, you are the expert of you, and the one who has the most to lose, gets to choose.


        1. I'd love to hear what supplements, if any, you currently take (or have taken) relating to your migraines. I realize we have various migraine diagnoses and also respond differently to medications, treatments and supplements; however, I'm curious as to which supplements may or may not have worked for you: dosages, etc.

          Also, I'm interested in trying butterbur (Petadolex), but am reluctant to try it in case the toxins aren't extracted properly. Your thoughts?


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