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Hello everyone!

I wanna ask the chronic migraine community about how they experience their symptoms. I feel like my symptoms don't occur in the order that they normally occur to others.

  1. @maryy1928 my husband suffers from chronic, intractable migraines and he is constantly drifting back and forth between prodrome and postdrome symptoms. I don't know how common that is or what you are experiencing, but just know we are here for you! Warmly, Cheryl migraine team member

    1. Hi, Mary! What is your experience like? The truth is, it's hard to find two people with migraine that are alike! The symptoms, triggers, frequency and treatments can be as unique as each person. All that to say that your "normal" may look very different from other people with migraine. If something worries you, though, it's always okay to call or visit your health care provider. I hope this helps a bit. Take care! -Melissa, team

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