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Could this be migraine?

Hello all I realize none of you are doctors, but am hoping to get your opinions. My 20 year old daughter has been having the following symptoms for over a month. Tingling throughout her body, extreme fatigue, floaters and what she describes as clear pixelated vision, numbness on her right side, constant hand tremors, and two instances of a severe top of skull headache, accompanied with full body tremors, and severe nausea is she moves her head at all. These have lasted 10 minutes. CT of head, MRI w/o contrast of brain and c spine were all read as normal. We are looking for answers, or direction, and I am wondering if this could be some form of migraine? Thank you all!

  1. Hi deenie43,

    Thank you for your question. It's so frustrating for test results to come back "normal" and still feel poorly.

    Some of the symptoms you describe could be a migraine attack, but other diseases as well. Usually, but not always, symptoms stop when the migraine attack is over.

    You may want to discuss having a spinal tap for further diagnostic purposes.

    Fingers crossed she is feeling better in no time,

    1. Thank you!

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