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Are these symptoms typical?

Hi, I just found this community and read through a few weeks of posts and stories but haven't found anyone mentioning these symptoms. With and without my usual migraine symptoms I will also have random head pain that comes and goes, it might be a sharp stab, an ache, scalp tingling, scalp tenderness (hurts to touch), feeling like water is running down my forehead, just strange head pain. When I say my head hurts I don't mean inside my head, I mean the surface of my head. I don't know If I'm making sense, my brain doesn't work so great these days. It will also include ear pain and what I call eye seizures, where it feels like my eyes are 'twitching' side to side. Has anyone else felt these things? Thank you.

  1. Do you have a nuerologist? If not, it sounds like you may want your doctor to refer you to one for a complete checkup. Migraines, as you know can have some strange symptoms. But, better safe then sorry. And then you have a professional on your side that specializes in this area.

    1. Thank you for your response Ronan. I do have a neurologist, though I will be calling tomorrow to try to get an appointment with a different one. My current neuro seems to be just too busy. I've been seeing her for about ten years but I just keep getting worse.

  2. Hope you get answers.

    1. Thank you Ronan, me too.

  3. Hi NanR,

    Thank you for your question. I wonder if you may experiencing alloydnia. This is when normally painless stimuli become painful. Many of us experience this between migraine attacks as well as during them. We have information on this here;

    When we have new and/or different symptoms it's always a good idea to let the doctor know so he/she can rule out anything else.

    I hope this helps and let us know how you make out.

    1. Oh my gosh Nancy! I have never heard of this before but certainly sounds like what I'm talking about. I've had times when my thigh felt very sore to the touch, even wearing clothing was painful, other locations on my side, my butt. I thought i was crazy!! I even said to my husband before that my hair hurt. Thank you for this!!

  4. Hi Nan. I know this is pretty late, but I just joined. I have all of those symptoms. They feel like zaps, tingling, itchy scalp, my hair also hurts (which I thought I was crazy because how can hair hurt) and I also have those “water drips” down my forehead. The first time it happened I actually tried to wipe it off! I’ve also been getting it in my ears. Please let me know what you found out. I don’t feel my Dr is paying attention.

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