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Has anyone tried Tabs Vasograin

  1. No what is it??? Semper Fidelis!!!

    1. Vasograin tablet is a combination of many drugs. The active ingredients and their composition per tablet is listed below:

      Caffeine — 100 mg
      Prochlorperazine — 2.5 mg
      Paracetamol — 250 mg
      Ergotamine — 1 mg

      Prochlorperazine is an anti-emetic drug. It works to counter nausea and vomiting. It is also used to treat disorders like vertigo.

      Paracetamol is pain reviler and also an antipyretic.

      Ergotamine contracts the blood vessels in brain and increases the blood pressure. The action of ergotamine results in relaxation in migraine and associated headaches.

  2. From the ingredients of this drug, it is pretty much just a mixture of several old standbys. Compazine, Tylenol, Ergotamine, of course, is well known, and caffeine. Often times drug companies will combine drugs like this, give it a sexy name, and try and make money on the new "wonderdrug".

    I am sorry I am so cynical, but after a lifetime of migraines, and dozens of doctors, clinics, CAT scans, MRI's, etc, I tend to become rather intolerant when I have a bad one going on.

    Just like the fact that the only thing that works to abort my H.A. is a narcotic, plus an anti-emetic. I know this, I have had migraines for over 40 years, and yet, I still run into those fun loving doctors at the E.R. who always know for a fact that you should never treat migraine with narcotics. It used to be, by the time I ended up in the E.R. or medi-center, for a shot, they knew that the only thing to do was to hit me hard with a strong narcotic, and either zofran or phenergan, and send me home to sleep it off. But now, with the current drug policy in this country, those who abuse drugs have made it a nightmare for those of us who have a real disease with pain that requires narcotics.

    As it is, my family doctor will only give me 15 Norco pills per month to try and help with the migraines. I understand his reluctance, due to the ever changing rules of the DEA, but for someone with a track record of migraines, severe enough that I am retired on SSD, it would seem like they would have a policy that works better for us. The anger that I feel is even worse when I think of those who are suffering from a terminal cancer, or some other condition that is going to result in the person's death, and yet they still have trouble getting adequate pain control. Like they are afraid that the patient dying of lung cancer is going to get hooked on morphine. Duh, here's an alert, they will probably die before you can classify them as addicted.

    Sorry for the rant, it has been a tough couple of weeks. Bad weather, so the H.A. are off the charts, plus my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and so now we have that to try and deal with as well. She is doing fine, and they caught it early, so we are hopeful, but the stress, and of course the migraines, are through the roof.

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