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The light at the end of the tunnel :)

I am currenlty at work and am battling with a 4/10 migraine while trying to pretend that all is well hiding behind my PC in an open-plan office with blinding sun reflecting on white walls around me ! When this happens to me (2 to 3 times per month for 24-48 hours – hence why i have to come to work and cannot stay home), I count the minutes and hours and listen to meditation music and drink water and nibble fruit until the end of the day when i can go home and hide in my bed in the dark ! This makes me feel terribly sad and i fight the tears away so i don’t crumble in front of colleagues who don’t have much empathy  I randomly typed asked Google « why do i feel sad when i get a migraine » and I found the article about either being angry or sad during migraines. I have to admit i felt even more down in the dumps after reading it and it made me want to share another feeling that i experience « thanks » to my migraines. I hope for you that you experience this too … once the pain starts to fade OR when i manage to sleep and wake up to a painless head, I am almost euphoric with happiness that the worst is behind me even though i feel like a truck drove over my body. I wouldn’t say it’s like being borna gain but the relief is so intense and satisifying that I’m almost sad for other around me that they don’t experience this feeling. Tell me if you feel the same way ?

  1. Hi mysorehead2020,

    YES - you're not alone in feeling this way and thank you for sharing your story with us. I can tell you many of us experience feeling moody, depressed, sad before, during and after a migraine attack. Others feel euphoria once the attack is over.

    Here is a little information about a migraine attack that may be helpful. There are actually four phases of a migraine attack, but not everyone will experience each phase; prodrome, aura, headache and postdrome. Let me share this article with you for more details;

    I understand how difficult it can be to work with light sensitivity. There are glasses specifically designed for people who endure this that can be worn indoors. TheraSpecs is one company who makes these glasses. I have a pair of their outdoor glasses and LOVE them. Here is an article on how to deal with light sensitivity;

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