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they denied me

I'm 22 and have been diagnosed with serve migraines since before I was 10.. I've always been on some kind of meds for it. I have a migraine from the time I get up till it's bedtime. But here's why I'm writing.... On Feb 27 a migraine started so I just dealt with it like always. Well here it is Mar 1st and I went to the ER cause this is the worst I've ever had. This migraine is off the pain scale to me. But they didn't do anything for me but give me a pain shot which didn't help. I'm writing to see if anyone on here knows if the hospital can tell me no for requesting head scans. The last one I had was back when I was like 13. but brain tumors, aneurysms blood clots all that runs in my family and they told me no to the scans can they do that???

  1. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but in the several times I've been in to the ER for migraine, they've treated the symptoms presented to them with IV pain meds and then released me. Unless it's the worst pain of your life, signs of trauma, or showing signs of something like a stroke (or something else) it's not standard procedure to do head scans for migraine treatment in the ER. They only treat what is presented to them unless the Dr on call requests something else.

    Are you being treated by a headache specialist or at least a good neurologist? My neuro has been working with me at finding out what's the best course of treatment for me. My worst time of the year is winter. I'm in the middle of a winter cycle (a long, never ending migraine that begins in January and doesn't end until mid-to-late spring. Happens almost every winter. I've had an MRI and a couple CT and CAT scans all ordered by my neuro, never in the ER. Make sure you have a good working relationship with your Drs.

    1. No my obgyn is the only reason I get migraine pills. Like I put in my post I've been having migraines for years and tgos is the worst one of them all. this pain is not right I can't get any relief at a . O even feel like my brain is going to bust and my eyes pop out

      1. And I know I'm dehydrated from not being able to drink anything. I told them too I am very pale my lips are to the point they are busting when I move them and my mom and throat Isaiah dry. I'm so thirsty but still haven't stopped throwing up whatever I drink and they didn't give me fluids. They only thing they did was give me pain meds. They didn't care I was and still am hurting

        1. HI there, I am so sorry you had to go through that. The pain can be so hard for others to see. If you want to get an MRI done to see what is going on, you must ask your Dr to set that appointment up. That is what I did. Also I tried using gravol suppositories to help stop the throwing up. It has to be the gravol suppository type or it won't stay in long enough to stop or prevent the throwing up. But before you take it make sure it won't affect any other meds you are on contact a Dr or Pharmacy first. I hope things soon get better for you too!

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