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Three Good Things

Making note of three good things that happen each day is one of the best tools I use to help me cope when migraine wears me down. It may sound like a small or silly thing, but it has kept me going on days when I felt like there was nothing good in my life. Please join us by replying to share *your* three good things each day this month (or as often as you're able).

  1. My three good things for Nov. 1 (it's still the 1st in my time zone!):
    -I had enough energy to clean the kitchen
    -My husband and I made dinner together
    -We played two games after dinner

    1. I came to the forum tonight after a particular wearisome day, looking for tips on what to do when I've just had enough, when I feel like giving up and life seems so gloomy and I came across this. Thank you 😀.
      My three good things for Nov. 1 are:
      -My not usually affectionate cat came over to me while I was laying in bed and curled up in my arm to snuggle.
      -I was able to snuggle with my daughter and watch part of the Amazing Race on the laptop tonight. I love one on one quality time with my little girl!
      -I was able to get a few minutes of exercise in today.

      1. My 3 good things for Nov. 2nd

        1. My neurologist agreed that it's time for Botox. Yay!

        2. My husband and I finally carved out some time for ourselves this weekend.

        3. I got to see a Migraine buddy and meet her baby boy this week.

        1. Three good things for Sunday, November 2, 2014

          Having tea with a dear friend today
          Being able to put my car in the garage
          I cleaned my bathroom!!

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