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Thunderclap migraine attack

I have been a migraine sufferer from the age of 15 - I am now 63 and have constant weekly sporadic attacks. After many years seeking help from experts I just accept that I will never be able to avoid an attack as my migraines are usually triggered by pollen and dust to cheap perfume and diesel smells. I have cluster attacks / ice pick headaches but have recently suffered a horrendous thunderclap attack which came on out of the blue and knocked me to the ground. My GP suspected a brain haemorrhage which was incorrect - needless to say I can now add this to the long list of pernicious attacks - anyone out there had a similar experience?

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    I'm sorry to hear that you have been dealing with migraine attacks for so long. Migraine attacks can be triggered by lots of things, including those things you listed. It's hard because so many triggers are out of our control. Has it been a long time since you have seen a headache specialist? The good news is that there are many new treatments available now. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. ~ Peggy ( team)

    1. HI Wizlonier,

      Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm sorry to hear about the additional diagnosis, no one wants that.

      I'm happy to hear you checked in with your doctor when you experienced this. It's always a good idea to do that when we have new and/or different symptoms or patterns to our attacks.

      I've not had one of these, I'm sure others will be along shortly to share their story with you.

      Please keep us posted,

      1. I’m 58, started getting hormonal migraines at 30. As the years passed frequency and triggers increased. A month ago I had my first Thunder Clap. Haven’t had one since.

        1. Yes, I did talk to my Dr about it. Sadly my migraines have gotten worse with menopause. Still working on getting better!!

        2. Thanks for sharing that article about thunderclap headaches, Peggy! I was about to go digging for more information myself and you saved me a step. Always learning new things being a part of our team! -Melissa, team

      2. , I'm so sorry to hear your migraine attacks have worsened since menopause. Just don't give up hope! There are many new treatments now and in the pipeline.

        ~ Peggy ( team)

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