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Tinnitus and Migraines

I had my migraines down to where I had a semi-normal and functional life. I've always had tinnitus but recently it got bad enough that I had to get hearing aids (that plays white noise) and I'm almost back to square one and I lost most of the progress I've made up until now. This means that I'm back to trying types of medications to see what works and what doesn't work. I'm also getting Botox shots, that helps a lot, about every 10 weeks. Besides the Botox shots and the hearing aids is there something else that I can do to help me get back some the progress I made up till now?

  1. Hi , thank you for sending us this question. It’s not uncommon for our migraine attack patterns, symptoms, and triggers to change over time. It is always very challenging when the standard approach that brought us success, falls short, or no longer has the same impact as well. Have you had a chance to discuss these challenges with your audiologist and headache specialist? -Lawrence ( Team)

    1. I've been talking with my Neurologist about this. He's always asking me if something we're trying works or not and about my progress with getting relief from my tinnitus.

    2. I'm sorry to hear about your setback, but I'm glad to hear you are having an open line of communication with your neurologist and that they seek to be invested in your improvement. Cheryl team

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