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tinted glasses

i was wondering if tinded glasses can help reduces the number of migraines i get can anyone help?

  1. I had made a remark once about having to wear sunglasses to go shopping lately because fluorescent colors in the yellow group can cause me to develop a migraine. One lady had told me that it isn't good to wear the sunglasses inside. I don't know about tinted glasses or if the issue would be the same. maybe she will respond to this for you.

    1. I have been thinking of trying orange safety glasses at work. Or polarized glasses. I work as a lab assistant and we have terrible bright floresent lighting. when I snowboard I find the orange to be so much better in the bright. I have asked for covers or pot lighting for when we move to our new location. Any other ideas?

      1. Gregor - The answer to your question depends on many things. Here is some information that might be helpful for you:

        1. carla-fisher - Sunglasses worn all the time can make your eyes even more sensitive to light, so it's important that we try as best we can to stay in normal lighting. The key for me is usually to stay within the right KIND of lighting. I must wear sunglasses indoors if I am under fluorescents or LED's. Some ambient lighting from outdoors isn't a problem for me normally in the house, but if it's bright, then I'm in trouble.

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