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Tips for managing exams with migraines

I get migraines and another type called hemiplegic migraines, both knock me down for a few days while I recover and with exams coming up I wondered if anyone had any tips to reduce stress while continuing to work hard

  1. Hi there, - thank you for posting such an important topic. Managing stress is a key component of managing migraine. We have some articles on this topic including helpful tips that I want to share with you as I hope they'll resonate and be of use to you: and:, and: Let us know if these are helpful to you. We are here for you and in this with you. Warmly- Holly team

    1. I can so identify with your desire to "reduce stress while continuing to work hard." I have a lot of passions and I enjoy the work that I do, so it's really humbling and discouraging (and frustrating!) when the natural stress has a negative impact on my health.

      I see that Holly has shared some great resources with you. I would also add from my own personal experience really trying to be aware of when/where I'm holding physical tension in my body during times of stress. I can easily tense my neck and shoulders and that can be the start of a migraine. I try to be mindful of taking breaks from sitting at a desk/computer for too long. This might be a good time to get a pair of blue light blocking glasses on Amazon. You can get a pair that's pretty inexpensive and fast shipping. Or you may enjoy a few minutes of stretching. And I know it may sound silly but remembering to drink a lot of water throughout my day. On busy days, I forget that that tends to add up in a way that doesn't support my health as a whole.

      I guess the bigger picture for me to manage it is taking short breaks even when I don't want to in the moment so that I can give my body a little stretch and give my eyes a rest.

      Please keep up posted on how things go!
      - Alene, moderator

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