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Just thought I would start a thread where you can post when you in the midst of an attack. I looked around and didn't see another one. I could have easily missed it. I am in the midst of one right now. The weather is bad here in the part of Texas where I live. Tropical Storm Bill is headed our way. I'm extremely nauseous, and can hardly hold my eyes open. The lights in my office are killing me, so I'm sitting in the dark in front of my computer. That's not really much better. I've told my husband that he will be taking care of dinner tonight. I do have some medication that I can take when I get home that SHOULD abort the headache. It's new though, so I don't keep it with me, yet. If it works and doesn't make me crazy in the head, it will go where ever I go in the future. The other abortive can't be refilled for another few days. I do have an opiod nasal spray to use. I hate it, but it eases the pain a bit and I can work. Great.

Lovely day...

  1. This thread is a fantastic idea, amyfenn! Thanks so much for starting this. The weather up in Michigan has been stormy as well, huge pressure drops a few times a week, so I've just been coasting through a storm of lousy with a few major spikes lately. The past few days have been extra bad, with a massive dose of anxiety and two panic attacks to boot. I'm starting to feel barely out of the woods today but I still feel like somebody's standing on my face above my right eye. My saving grace lately is my Headache Hat.

    I hope the new medication helps. You've got this, you'll be home before you know it. =)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel terrible and do sick, now I'm having to participate in a webinar. Not good!

      1. I hope you're at home and more comfortable than you were earlier. Especially after toughing it out at work!

        I barely got a break, just sort of a brain-foggy fragile-headed restless-feeling half day, now right back to it with so much sound sensitivity and light sensitivity I'm done working for the night and am typing this with sunglasses on. I feel bad, had planned to cook a nice dinner since my boyfriend's been so great about helping me with anxiety, even with working extra hours.

        1. Cloudy overcast days are common triggers for migrainers like us. Also living in high altitude like in Denver is as well. I feel for you. I always wear sunglasses just because bright lights are a trigger for me as well.

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