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Topamax hair loss

I have been on Topamax 150mg a day and Candasartan 32mg a day for a year now. It has brought my daily migraine down to 7-9 migraine days a month which is good, but I have lost half my hair. I had fine blonde hair anyway, below shoulder, and now I have tattered wisps of hair, in a tatty mullet above the shoulder, and it is dry and crispy. I look fire-damaged and awful. Even with clip in extensions you can see my scalp and I look like chemo. I am taking pre natal vits, and 200mg of biotin a day. What can I do? Is there anything apart from stopping topamax? I think that topamax is doing the most to prevent migraine. Do I need a wig? Very sad person from London. Mrs Moo.

  1. 2000ug of biotin sorry 😀

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