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Tried a new to me treatment - nerve block - and it has worked for 8 weeks

On Feb 22 of this year, I was going through another migraine that just would not respond to treatment. I had started seeing a new Dr in December who had advertised he would perform in clinic treatments that were not done in ER or Urgent care in cases like this. So I called and set up an appt, next day which was not terrible, not optimum but not terrible since the migraine had already been going on for several days. He gave me about 3 options, one of which was a sphenopalatine ganglion nerve block. His staff had mentioned this as an option on the phone the day before when I set up the appt so I had a little time to look up the procedure. It was a little different as it is done through the nose. You lay on a table on your back. They numb your nostril, run a catheter into a sinus cavity behind your nose, a needle into the catheter, and inject a steriod into the sinus cavity. All you really feel is some pressure, and taste the medicine used to numb your nostril. Here I am 8+ weeks later and I have on,y had a couple of migraines that required treatment with triptans and a couple more that I have taken tylonol to relieve. Anyway thought I would share a success story.

  1. Hi BayouTigress,

    Thank you so much for sharing your success with us!! Nothing makes me happier than hearing positive things!

    Fingers crossed this continues! Please keep us posted!

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