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Have you tried CBD oil for migraine management?

Please share your experience with us!

  1. Yes, I find cannabis, medical marijuana, very helpful. I use a tincture (oil) at bedtime and vape for breakthrough pain.

    It is very helpful for my restless leg and periodic limb movement disorder as well.

    1. Hi cleajoy, I’m not an expert by any means, but I’ll share what I know. Vape or vaping is the inhalation of water vapor that contains the active components of cannabis. Vapes that are mostly CBD are available, but they all contain at least trace amounts of THC (the part that gets you high). Vapes are usually battery powered and very discreet. They don’t use dried flower material, and instead rely on resin type concentrates, which are also sometimes called oils as far as I know.

      I think that what you’re referring to as oil is more like a tincture, and is usually taken orally or sublingually. They also mostly contain CBD and are not meant to create a high. I have personally found these to be less effective, but they may work for others.

      There isn’t necessarily a particular strain for migraines, but by looking online at websites like leafly you can see reviews and gain an understanding of whether a strain might be useful for you. I would also recommend (assuming that there are legal dispensaries near you) going in person to talk to the budtenders. I’ve had good luck with finding strains just by telling the budtender what I’m looking to use it for.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Hi Nancy-
      I discussed with my migraine specialist about trying marijuana.
      His suggestion was 4 parts cbd to 1
      Part thc. I called the dispensaries in the area and they don’t carry this strength.
      May I ask what works for you and
      Where you get it?

      Thank you in advance.

  2. One of our members on Twitter shared their experience with CBD oil as well and stated..."I have. And I have had good results. It’s not a miracle drug but it does help with the pain, inflammation and nausea. I will continue to use it as long as I can."

    1. Hi cleajoy,

      In New York, if I'm not mistaken, it depends what the doctor recommends. There is no choice here about strains, it's either indica or sativa, and again what the doctor recommends.
      I hope that makes sense.

      1. I ordered the kind of CBD oil that is w/o the intoxicating component. I put first 6, then 12 drops under my tongue at bedtime hoping that my morning migraine wouldn't happen, or be lessened. I did that for three nights. Nothing positive happened (worse, I think). I had great success with Topamax (actually, it was a miracle cure!)-- but my speaking became almost gibberish and Montefiore Headache Center said to stop it immediately). Imitrex works well but there's a limit of 4 per week, and it wears off after about 4 hours, and when I take it I can't do anything -- I lose a whole day in a daze, or tired and asleep. My paraplegic son lives in Seattle, where marijuana is legal, and is in terrible pain all the time (from a spinal syrinx). He's been kept relatively pain free on morphine in the nursing home for years, but the hospital cut his morphine in half at the same time my NY doctor cut my codeine. (Pressure from above.) They knew he would be in terrible pain and were apologetic but suggested a vape and marijuana (the kind that makes you stoned) as a substitute. So he spends hours a day stoned and incoherent and of course the weed has to be paid for by him or us. The good news is that it does help him with the pain. He's 62. I'm 83.

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