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Has anyone had migraines triggered by exercise?

Hello, Since the last 2 years, when I do just a little bit of exercise, I'm getting excruciating pain near my left temple area ranging from behind the left eye to Trigeminal Nerve area. I deal with all the migraine related symptoms. The headache is there everyday and last for 4-5 weeks. I have tried Topamax and Propranolol but in vain. Has anybody dealt with similar headaches? Any remedies? Thanks Kris

  1. I visited this site for this very reason. Any physical exertion is triggering the pain described. It's been 10 days of this for me.

    1. thank you, hopefully thers a cure n we feel better soon

  2. I think they’re called exertion-induced or exercise-induced migraine, and I also get them. If you go on a machine at the gym that has cardiac monitors you might see that your heart rate climbs into the red zone very quickly. The machine might even shut down on you.
    My doc sent me to a cardiologist for a workup and a small heart murmur with some arrhythmia was found, nothing of any big trouble. They prescribed atenolol 50mg which has controlled it pretty well for 10+ years now.

    1. thank you

    2. thanks for your info, may I know for how long did you use the medicine atenolol for?
      have you tried Topamax?....cheers

  3. mine arent caused by exercise but i have been on topamax for about 6 months. at first it really helped at reducing my headaches but lately i have been getting them more often. i know some people get some pretty bad side effects but the only one i have noticed is flat soda and beer. i think im on the lowest dose though.

    1. thank you for the info

    2. Topamax actually made the headaches worse for me

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