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Wondering if anyone who has suffered for sometime with largely food related triggers, is finding they have fewer and fewer options for what they can safely eat and drink. My diet has become ridiculously limited! I don't know if I'm developing an increased sensitivity and so am reacting to more "allergens", or if this is just the progression of the disease. Would be interested in hearing any thoughts. Thanks.

  1. Hi, Pam. Thanks for this interesting question -- you must be so frustrated! Usually, a food trigger has to do with a specific ingredient, like sulfites, MSG, or certain proteins. I I can't recall any others sharing a progressive reaction like this, but that doesn't mean it can't happen. I'm curious, have you also been evaluated for food allergies? That may be something to explore. Additionally, have you brought up the increased restrictions with your doctor?

    I'm attaching an article that talks about food triggers and how it all works -- there are several other articles linked in it that go into more detail. Maybe something in there will jump out at you, or at the very least give you some conversation points in your next appointment.

    I hope you can get to the bottom of this -- it's hard enough to deal with migraines without an intense diet. Hugs! -Melissa, team

    1. Thank you!

      1. Hi Pam,
        I have this same problem along with smell triggers. I found a list of what had been defined as Amine-free or Low Amine foods and I have followed it for more than a year and it has helped significantly in preventing migraines. In a nutshell, it mostly details eating a "processed food"-free diet. Just fresh fish and meats, no night shade vegetables, no citrus, some nuts (cashews), nothing fermented or smoked (preserved). It is limiting, but still very doable even in a restaurant setting. I don't know if I can attach another site's info here so I will instead just suggest looking online for a Low Amine diet and see what comes up.

        1. yeah, i've been an organic unprocessed foods vegetarian (now vegan) for 50 years. part of why it's so frustrating. but thanks, every bit of info shared helps.

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