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What does your typical day consist of or look like?

A day in the life of living with migraine...share with us what your days are really all about!

  1. my day.... it looks like a long race. never knowing if i will make it to the finish line or not. plenty of naps along the way...kinda more rest points then naps. always knowing that not everything i need to get done is going to get there. there is a huge struggle and a small fear of that crappy feeling you get before the migraine hits. most evening i am looking forward to bedtime from the exhaustion.

    1. Hi there Dawn,
      Thanks so much for giving a glimpse of what what your day is like. It is sure a race that I wish you and no one had to face! Keep on listening to your body and resting whenever you can and definitely be OK that everything will likely not get done. Taking care of YOU is a priority to make through the day. We sure understand and thanks again so much for sharing.
      -Joanna ( Team)

      1. Well, I wake up take a breath and figure out right away if it will be a good day or a rough day. Depends on the pain I'm in. Go to work and try to make it through the long day. Thank goodness I have Vicodin to take -- it works for me by taking 1/2 pill every 3 hours during a tough pain day. By the time I get home I'm exhausted. I do work 12 hour shifts for 3 days and a 4 hour shift on 1 day. My 4 day hour shift day I usually go home and to bed. On my days off I rarely have any energy. Doing mundane chores like dishes, laundry, cleaning put me over the edge so I try to make a mini list and cross things off as I go. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something. 😀 I have a wonderful husband who pitches in and likes to cook!! I try to be optimistic but it is difficult.

        1. My husband's day begins with a slow building headache or an instant headache upon waking. We've worked on supplements and healthy eating along with plenty of fluids so he always takes his medication with some type of supplemental hot drink. He has a hard time getting out of bed because he is so tired. His chronic headaches are complicated by lingering West Nile which has affected his immunity as well. With the chronic pain and flu season he won't have many days where he sees outside of the bedroom; let alone the house. We've found seeing doctors is tough as it exposes him to everything and since his body can't fight it off he will come home sick. Our goal is to keep his mental sanity while looking for the reason for his chronic headaches. While we have solved every specialists in the field we still can not find a cause. Just feel if we knew the cause maybe we'd stop these headaches. This keeps us researching on some days which helps with sanity. Due to summer fires going outside is not an option since the smell of smoke triggers headaches. We watch TV, and he plays some gaming online when his vision allows him to not see double. For our retirement together this is not what we visioned. Botox is not working well after 2 is hoping the next set help more. Also, researching CGRP with hopeful eyes. If we can only get him feeling good enough to want to get out of bed and exercise but right now the last 10 days he has not been able and the past 1 1/2 year since these headaches anchored him has been difficult. Today's medicine has us see all these specialists but there isn't just one doctor who knows it all and thinks outside of the box for looking at a patient in whole. We tend to fall between doctors and that is exhausting let a lone going to a new one.

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