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Tyrosine/tyramine deficiency causing my migraine?

Hi all

I have migraine with aura's from time to time and I've started keeping a diary of the hours preceding a migraine attack.

I noticed that those times at about 1-3 hours before an attack, I ate some dark chocolate. I looked further into this and apparantly there is tyrosine in it that can cause an attack. Apparantly the tyrosine is not broken down in my system.

I looked into it further and a saw something about tyramine deficiency. Some symptoms of this is depression, apathy and grey hair. I'm not really depressed, but I don't feel particular happy either, but I do have some apathy (I once skydived and I didn't feel a single thing of emotion), and I do am completely gray.

I read about taking tyramine supplements but this can cause even more migraine headaches.

So I am wondering how this can be solved? It would be nice if the apathy and grey hair is solved as well, but my main concern is of course the migraines.

Stop eating dark chocolate is of course number one, but for those times it is in some nutrition that I don't know about? Are there indeed supplements I can take that helps me break down tyrosine/tyramine?


  1. Hi RestUnknown,

    Thank you for your question. Let's see what information I can give you that will help.

    Good for you on keeping a detailed migraine diary which should be helpful in identifying any patterns your migraine attacks have and potential triggers. Foods high in tyramine may be a strong trigger for some people with migraine disease - it is for my son. These foods are not the cause of migraine disease, but can trigger a migraine attack.

    When you get a moment, take a look at this article on a low-tyramine diet; Feel free to share this information with your doctor and/or pharmacist for more help.


    1. Well! That's the concerned post.

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