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UK A&E will not treat Status Migrainosus. Any advice?

Hi there,

I'm still fairly new to the issue of having migraines as this has only been going on for just over a year now, with very few episodes. It's been very manageable up until now, but on 14/02/2017 everything just went suddenly into overdrive.

I have had a epic 11-day status migrainousus and spent a day in hospital trying to get rid of it. But they wouldn’t give me any IV medication – no magnesium sulphate, no DHE, no keterolac – just ineffective Triptan pills.

What gives? What do I have to do to get the most effective abortive medicines? What can I do? Will they be prescribed only by a migraine specialist?

Could I have developed chronic daily headaches, or central sensitisation? Is there anything that can be done now? This has utterly destroyed my entire life and left me isolated, helpless and without relief. It has been accompanied by what has been diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue like symptoms, but I wonder now if this was always to blame.

Please help, I’m pretty desperate.

  1. Chronic fatigue is a common prodrome symptom, and there is such a thing as "silent migraines" that'll give you all of the migraine symptoms but not the actual pain. I can't tell you anything, but once you're familiar with your migraines you may know if the fatigue was prodrome silent migraine.

    As for meds, I don't know how UK works, but my primary care prescribes me with effective abortive medications. I went to him until he ran out of ideas because the common stuff wasn't working and I react badly to preventatives. Maybe try another doctor? Specialists are nice and all (I strongly recommend going regardless), but for the good ones appointments could take months to get you in.

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