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Unilateral headaches

Hi. I'm getting very frustrated at a daily unilateral (left) side headache. It is rarely debilitating and seems to get worse at night. MRI of head and neck are normal. I hate taking any meds, especially prescription meds. No other changes in vision or balance and no other deficiencies. I've seen every type of medical and natural healer I can but so far... no dice. Can anyone relate? Thanks in advance!

  1. , any time you have a headache that won't quit is concerning. As you have gone to see doctors and had an MRI, you are on the right path. Have you explored massage therapy or gentle chiropractic care yet? I have found both of those helpful. I recommend gentle chiropractic, usually done with a pneumatic device as opposed to manual adjustments, because I suffered a brain stem stroke twenty years ago(not related to chiropractic care). I'm very particular when it comes to moving my neck! Sometimes, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders can also cause issues. My husband, who lives with chronic migraine, had this issue and spent several weeks in physical therapy to learn how to ease that tension. He also had to break his habit of sleeping with his arm behind his head on the affected side. He has done well, and when he feels the tension starting, he practices the exercises they gave him when he stopped going to therapy. Ice and moist heat have also been helpful for both of us. I understand what you are going through, and it isn't enjoyable! I hope I gave you some things to explore. I hope you will find a way to quiet that pain soon. We are here if you need to talk through things! Warmly, Cheryl team

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