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Visual wavy effect when looking at some pattterns

I wanted to know if any of you have had this experience? I recently noticed last week when I was out shopping with my daughter, when I looked at an animal print dress, I had a wavy fluttering effect happen, similar to when you see people wearing pinstripes on television and the pattern is wavy.

I have also noticed this happend a few times in the past when I look at some sort of a pattern, the pattern seems to move creating this wavy visual effect.

However, last week was the strongest one, because I asked my daughter if she noticed it and she did not.

I am not sure if this is some type of an aura. I did have a migraine that week, but I had taken my Treximet earier and I was not experiencing any pain.


  1. Mrschrisc1212,
    Yes, I have experienced this. I've definitely steered clear of trying on certain clothes because my visual reaction to a print.

    Migraineurs are known to have heightened senses. Sometimes bright lights, smells, or maybe even patterns could trigger a Migraine or just cause unpleasantness.

    The funny article discusses one writer's experience with becoming over sensitive to stimuli.
    -Katie Moderator

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