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Vit B2 or B Complex worsing migraines

This is my first time posting. I'm 51, perimenopausal, spent the last 10 years on/off again with chronic migraines, rotating among preventatives. Abortives don't work on me. Back in Jan, My Dr (Gp) suggested trying B2 400mg daily to my preventative regime. I try to fit Cal/Mag in mid day when I can. I tried taking 50mg 2x a day. I settled on this dosage after reading that you can't absorb more than 37 mg at any one time, urinating the rest out (why "they" choose 400mg especially if another study claimed 25mg seemed just as effective). These all studies claimed a 50% reduction for the migraines based on participants who had 2-4 migraines a month, but was never done on chronic migraines. So is that a real 50% reduction or just a reduction of 2 (lying by stats). Important if you get 15-20 migraine days/month. Instead of reducing the frequency or intensity of my migraines it seemed to make both significantly worse. So I stayed off the B2 for a couple of weeks, and tried again, same thing. I tried a couple of weeks ago with a time release vit b50 complex to see if that would be better, but again the migraines increased in severity and frequency. This time the only real change was that my preventative was different, I had weaned off Gabapentin 3000mg daily to over several months to Topamax 200mg daily. Any one else had experience with Vit B2?

  1. Kay Dee,
    I've personally used B2 in the past and didn't find that it helped much. You really did your research and it seems like B2 is increasing your Migraines, so you were right to stop. Have you told your doctor about that the Migraines became worse while on it? Sometimes B2 can interact with other meds you are taking and it just might not agree with you.

    There are a few other OTC supplements out there for Migraine patients if you (and your doctor) are willing to try them. You can start your research here if you're interested:

    Best Wishes!
    -Katie Moderator

    1. Finally someone else B2 didn't work for either. Actually, I don't know of anyone who personally tried B2. I know a few people who get occasional migraines for whom the triptans actually work, I envy them.

      On the fine print of migraine prevention/rescue drugs is the a rare side effect, "may cause headaches". Go figure.

      I'll have to let my Dr. know that the B2 & B complex was a No-go, 3 times was more that enough tries. He probably won't be surprised, given the side effects of others we've tried.

      I've never tried butterbur or feverfew but I've been tempted to grow the later in my garden.

      I've some success with warm lavender and peppermint tea compresses on neck while laying down in a dark room. But only they help as long the essential oil vapors are very warm, and I stay in the dark room. Limits my quality of life unless I want to take up mushroom farming. My lavender is just starting to bloom in my garden so I have a fresh supply, and my mint is ready for a first cut.

      1. Hi, Lynn, posting , new to this forum.
        I'm a paralegal (currently not working, volunteering).
        I was diagnised with migraine headaches in 1997,
        The tryptophans worked for me for about 5 years, then a very bad reaction-- shaking, heart abnormality -- I stopped using them. ( was 47 when first diagnosed).
        Used topamax for 2 years, very good - down to one a month or so. Then began to bave side effects -- metabolic syndrome - type of effects. Stopped the topomax.
        Newly diagnosed with temporal arteritis -- on low doses of methylprednisolone.
        Get what my neurologist and rheumatologist gave calked combination headaches -- they are not sure , but think one sets off the other.

        Using neurontin and hydroxine, neurontin for the migrai ez, as well as B2 , and magnesium for the migraines -- medrol for the GCA headache.
        Usually hits the worst part of the headache.
        Trying the anti inflammatory diet.
        All help I think.
        This is a good post.
        Glad you' re here! Thanks

        1. At least they recognized that the topamax might be a cause and and stopped it. There is a history of Kidney stones in my family so I make myself drink plenty of water while on it, especially when taking the cal-mag.

          Hope you have better luck with the B2's than I did. Gabapentin (neurontin) was a mixed bag for me. It reduced intensity, but never frequency and zapped my energy. I was on a high dose, so withdrawal effects getting off of it from the last 6 months have not been fun. If you have to go off, do it slowly.

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