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has anyone had any experience taking vivactil to prevent migraine?

  1. pocono53 - I've not yet heard of this being used for Migraine prevention yet, but am interested to hear about your response. It will be interesting to see if anyone else has any experiences to help you out. 😀


    1. I used vivactil or the generic protriptyline for about 8 months. I could never stabilize above 10 mg due to side effects. It did help me with some of the small migraines I was getting that would lead to the very intense ones. Side effects for me was terrible dry mouth and constipation every time I tried to up the dose above 10 mg. Finally quit taking it to try something else. I have met people who have had really good luck with it if the side effects don't bother you.

      1. Hi debraj,

        I'm sorry to hear vivactil didn't work for you. Are you having any luck with a migraine preventive medication now? Did you know there are over 100 different medications that can be used for migraine prevention? Let me share a link with you that has more information;

        Good luck and happy holidays!

        1. Thanks for the reply Nancy! I also took Topamax for about 15 months and just tapered off of that. I am currently trying out Botox and have seen some improvement from that.

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