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Hi everyone,

I’ve been suffering with aura migraines for a while now but they’re not very frequent. I may get one once every couple months. However, yesterday I felt it coming on because I started seeing the blurriness in the corner of my right eye. I immediately closed all electronics and laid down. I ate some oatmeal, turned on my oil diffuser (eucalyptus oil), took some lavender CBD + put my covers over my head. It went away fairly quickly (or so I thought) compared to what I’m used to. I was up and moving around, back on my electronics and then it hit me again really hard. The pain was super strong; I was restless, I felt nauseous, weak, helpless, nothing sounded appetizing and EVERYTHING smelled disgusting. I didn’t want to take any excedrin but ended up taking 2 500mgs of Tylenol. The pain became duller but continued through the night and almost every time I stood up I’d throw up. Every time I threw up I’d feel better though. I also had some peanut butter cereal a little after the oatmeal I didn’t finish and the only thing I could tolerate after that was an apple but it all ended up coming up. It’s the worst I’ve had to date. I feel MUCH better today, I was able to eat some crackers and lentil soup and everything seems to be fine. Still a bit sensitive to light but above all I’m PARANOID that it’ll come back. Any advice or tips? Has this ever happened to any of you?

  1. Hi denitadenita- That all sounds awful. I don't have any specific advice for you, and while I have experienced some horrible migraine days, one rule of thumb for us is this: if you are experiencing something you would consider to be the worst ever, consult your doctor- and if you are experiencing symptoms that are outside of your usual migraine pattern, consult your doctor. It is important to rule out other possibly more serious concerns. I wanted to share this with you: I am glad to hear you are feeling better- but again, I would still urge you to talk to your healthcare provider about what happened. Keep us posted! ~Melanie ( team member)

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