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48 hour migraine with vomiting and vaginal bleeding

I've just gotten over 48 hr migraine that involved vomiting frequently and dry heaving, is it possible that could cause some vaginal bleeding?

I know it's personal but I'm concerned and can't find a thing on the internet unless it involved pregnancies. I'm concerned this is odd and may be serious matter. I've never had this happen. Have any of you ladies had a migraine of this kind and have had the symptoms I've listed? Please any info is appreciated thank you!

  1. Thanks so much for reaching out and so sorry to hear about the tough 48-hour long migraine. We cannot give medical advice on this site, but I can tell you this combination of symptoms is not one I've heard of before. Regardless, anytime we experience anything new in relation to our migraine disease, it's important to reach out to connect with our migraine doctors. Do you have a relationship with a migraine doctor or practice whom you could contact with this question before the weekend gets underway? Perhaps one that has a nurse line? If not a migraine doctor, perhaps an OBGYN or even a general practitioner?

    I hope you are able to connect with a physician tomorrow to either be seen or get some answers.

    Thinking of you.

    1. I have the same issue as Jlynn 89 with migraines that cause vaginal bleeding and vomiting. Has there been an answer to what causes this?

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