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Trying to get insurance approval. Have denied all neurologist letters, medical reports, and all other information they requested to approve Vyepti. They want me to stop Botox before they will approve Vyepti. Since Botox has brought 5/6 migraines a week to 3/4 I don't want to stop it. Have tried Aimovig and Emgality with no help. Don't know what else to try or do. On or have tried every preventive out there. Also seeing pain management dr past 2 years. Looking for ideas on how to get Vyepti approval.

  1. - Thanks so much for letting us know about this challenge you are facing. So sorry to hear how tough it's been to get insurance coverage for Vyepti. The request to stop Botox in order to cover any CGRP is one we've heard before and there's really no discernable research to support why one can't be taken at the same time as another. A migraine doctor/neurologist should be able to skirt that denial with a solid argument about the improvement in your condition with Botox. Have you tried Nurtec (an easier medication to be given a sample of) to see if that rescue version of the CGRPs may work for you? We don't have a ton of feedback on Vyepti yet as it's still relatively new. I'll do some more asking around about this and let you know if I can find any more information about how to access this treatment despite denials. Thanks for reaching out and thinking of you. Warmly, Holly ( team).

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