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Does anyone else wake up with migraine?

I suffer from migraines about 25 out of 30 days a month and usually wake up with them. I have severe stabbing pain in my right eye and severe pain around and above my eye. I can't stand any light and feel nauseous, dizzy, and weak. They usually last up to 8 hours and then sometimes they come back.

  1. yes, some mornings my daughter and i wake with migraine too! and i used to most days. though in our case, it's not usual any more, some mornings we wake not feeling too bad and migraine comes later in the day. i've actually found i'm less likely to wake up with migraine if i eat before bed- yikes!? sometimes i still do have the attack when i wake but less often, and i do find certain foods with proteins and fats right before sleep helps. weather and hormones can bring an attack anyways but we bedtime snack every night now and tend to have easier mornings overall. so i wonder if for us it was low blood sugar perhaps. and eating when the attack is already there? gimme a break- not with our violent nausea!

    1. I don't normally wake up with a migraine, but I wake up with a headache every day. It sometimes goes away after I eat breakfast and have a cup of coffee, but sometimes it just hangs on and later develops into a migraine. I'm not sure what the trigger in my case is.

  2. 90% of my migraines are there when I wake up. Very few happen midday or in the evening.

    1. All the time. Nothing could help. Started katamine infusions they are really working

      1. I am SO thrilled to hear how much Ketamine has helped you! One of our contributor's, Katie has regularly shared her experience with this treatment as well. In case you'd like to check it out, here it is - Thanks so much for sharing this and sure hope the good results continue! -Joanna ( Team)

      2. Lucky you. I spent a fortune-no joy! I wake up every morning between 3-9am with one. depending on the start- there goes my day.

    2. I’ve had migraines since 1990 (Chronically for the last 12+ years) and a large portion of them either woke me in the middle of the night or were first thing in the morning, but have been less in later years. My theories are controlling my hormones, preventative medications like Topomax and the thing that’s worked best of all Botox.

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