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Was this a migraine?

Today I had something new occur.... It was a headache, the likes of which I've never felt. It's onset was rapid, within moments, and so intense I took two Advil as soon as I felt the first pangs of it. It felt deep and was throbbing inside my entire head. Not five minutes later, I was popping two more Advil, but to no relief. The pain intensified, and I began to feel hot, sweaty, and very very sensitive to noise. And the pain continued to intensify. I couldn't think, it literally hurt to try to answer a question. After a few moments of just sitting there, it felt like the pain was throbbing right along with my pulse. Finally, about 30 minutes later, it's finally subsiding a bit. I can function, think, my temperature feels normal again, no more upset stomach. However, it still hurts toward the base of my skull and neck. It's slowly going away, I think. And, as I said, this is a first occurrence for me. My headaches are usually light and in relation to my menstrual cycle, or sinus issues. I've never experienced the likes of what happened today. So....does this fall under the category of migraine? Or perhaps an extremely intense tension headache?

  1. it's definitely worth seeing a doctor about. My migraines are usually on one side of my head, but everyone's migraines are different.

    1. Red flag (even with chronic migraines) is when a headache starts very rapidly and more intense then normal. Those ar the ones you want to head to the doc for - always a small risk of stroke or other bad things.

      I get 2-4 migraines a week but I had one that literally knocked me off my feet. Hit so hard and so bad that my knees buckled well I was walking. Literally felt like someone was in front of me and stabbed me in my eye. Headed to ER, ended up being a migraine but better safe than sorry.

      Anytime there is new symptoms or pattern, check with your doctor to be safe.

      1. Migraines are normally only on only one side of your head, but there are other types of headaches that can cause severe pain. If the pain didnt go away i would worry, but since it let up fairly quickly with barely a prescription dose of ibuprofen I would say it's nothing to be concerned with. If it happens again and especially with any regularity I would ask a doctor. The neck pain sounds like muscle tension related to a tensing of the muscles in reaction to the severe pain of the headache. That happens to me all the time when I have migraines. It's a side effect of my migraine experience.

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