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Waves of Body Vibration / Tremor during migraines


During my last few migraines that have been very severe I have had vibrations around my abdomen. They come on over about 10 seconds and then fade away again. The feeling can be very strong and sometimes my heartrate goes up with them.

They are spaced around 2 - 3 minutes and slowly get weaker .. but I have also have weak ones during the next night. They happen during the knife in head phase, which for me is normally about 1am when I am in bed.

Has anyone else had this ?

  1. -Thanks so much for sharing some of your journey with us. I wanted to send you a link to the various stories and shares we have on our site where community members have made mention of experiencing vibrations as part of their migraine:
    That said, many others make mention of the sensation of tingling - I'm not sure if that resonates with what you are experiencing - a lot of people mention tingling and numbness together that happen with migraine.
    Regardless, if it is a new symptom you are experiencing, we always encourage you to reach out to your doctor for evaluation.
    Hope this helps. We are here for you- please let us know how we can best support you as you continue along in your journey. Thinking of you. - Holly ( team).

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