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Is intense pain due to weather related regular migraines?

Hello everyone, I would like to ask you for help and guidance regarding the migraines that I keep having. I believe they first started when I was around 11 years old. They only seem to appear twice per year, once at the beginning of spring (roughly at the end of March) and once around the beginning of summer (early- to mid-June), but do so every year without fail. I have also noticed that they coincide with the weather changing from cloudy and cool to very bright and hot. They usually last for 2-3 days. Less than one week per year total might not sound too bad, but during these days I am incapable of performing anything beyond the most basic of physical or mental tasks. Any rapid actions or even just gathering my thoughts to think causes pain. It feels like I am stuck in a vise that keeps squishing my head the more I try to exert myself. I usually tend to take days off work during those times and just lie down in my bed and vegetate through it until it goes away.

Still, if anyone were to share with me a way to deal with this, I would be very grateful. It is very annoying and painful to persevere through those days. I have visited doctors numerous times, but all they could come up with was either telling me to lie down and drink a lot of water (goes without saying...), or prescribe me some basic painkillers, that do literally nothing with the pain and don't even shorten the duration of the affliction. I also don't believe it is related to the place where I live. I have been living in Taiwan for the last 5 years, which is very different in climate from my home country of Poland. The migraines come all the same. I lead an active lifestyle, practice sports and have a rather healthy diet. If you were to know of a way for me to deal with this, please let me know. Regards, Simon

  1. This sounds like a Cluster Headache, sometimes called Cluster Migraine, to me. Is the pain constant or does it spike and dissipate repeatedly throughout the day?
    Take a look at the symptoms for a cluster headache. they can be stopped with steroids.
    They are migraine related but are way more prevalent in men than women.
    I get one in June that is very much like this. One thing that for me is certain about this headache, I can not drink alcohol when the calendar timing is getting close.

    1. Thank you blancj8,
      The pain is constant.
      I'll read up on cluster headaches and make sure to avoid alcohol around those times, just in case.
      Much obliged

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