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Weather Related Migraines?

Does anyone else have weather triggers?

Have been tracking my migraines for at least 4 yrs and have seen a definite trend, increasing volume in June, July, August and December, January, February and March, when we have the most extreme weather.

I know to watch for high heat/humidity combos and sudden drop/raises in outdoor temp in short time.

Am planning to start documenting specific weather conditions so I can find any other common factors. Must admit I am curious. And it will really help when I am planning activities. May not be able to be spontaneous during those months, but not going to let the migraines win either 😉

Does anyone seem to have weather related migraines?
Are there any specific weather conditions that seem to be a factor?

Any info is appreciated!

  1. Hi OpenRoad,

    Yes, I have migraines that are triggered by fluctuations in the barometric pressure along with many others. Some of us will have a migraine attack before a weather front moves in while others seem to get attacks afterwards. We do have information from a migraine expert on weather triggered migraines that may be helpful; This article has information on how to manage weather triggers that may be helpful;

    Most of us are triggered by more than one thing, or a combination of things. For example, triggers can include certain foods, dehydration, irregular sleeping patterns, and changes in the barometric pressure. Let me share our information with you on triggers;

    Good luck!
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Moderator/Patient Advocate

    1. Hi OpenRoad,

      I have Migraines triggered by multiple sources and definitely have Migraines that are triggered by the weather. I get hit with a wicked Migraine before a storm hits. I know that some are triggered by the Barometric Pressure changes and the humidity. The heat really affects me something awful and is definitely a trigger. I am not sure what other weather changes may be wreaking chaos with my system so I decided to start keeping a journal.

      I use the NOAA website and log the Temp, Humidity, Barometer and Dewpoint. I do this at least am and pm daily and depending on how I am feeling I may do it during the day too if something changes.

      I have multiple other triggers. Some of these I have figured those out over time. There are still some Migraines I have yet to figure out their source.

      I will be sharing my story in the week ahead. You asked specifically about weather Migraines so I tried to stick to that here much as I could.

      Keeping a journal is a really good idea. I keep track of the daily weather, my Migraine pain level that day and I also have Fibromyalgia so I log that pain level too. I share the info with my docs.

      All the best to you!

      1. Is anyone else using the site??? I was at my wits' end last week, feeling my brain was boiling away ( how melodramatic does that sound?!) and having to take more time off work. Luckily I work for a not-for-profit, so there's a little more understanding, but still, you feel bad. Anyway, I was reading articles here, feeling bad, talking to the docs, and trying to figure things out...
        My family doctor put me onto the site! You can set it for your location, and your chronic condition (or generic symptoms for some things). Migraine is featured! 😀 So is arthritis, respiratory conditions, cardiac conditions etc... The forecasts are for a few days to a month ahead, and can be broken down to hourly conditions. So if you know it's likely to be a bad day, you can reschedule an important meeting (like a job interview) or carry extra help.
        I don't want to sound like an ad. But this week compared with last week, it's like going from no control to at least knowing where the cars are.

        1. Sorry: that was " knowing where the car KEYS are".

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