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What do you take for rain/atmosphere migraines?

I'm under the care of a headache specialist (neurologist) and I get alternating 6 week injections of Botox and trigger point injections. They do help, but weather changes are still killing me. I just started a new job and luckily I was off yesterday because I was nailed with a horrible migraine and couldn't get myself out of bed. They're expecting "chance of showers" for Monday & Tuesday and I'm petrified I'm going to be like I was yesterday. I was taking Tylenol with codeine every 2.5 to 3 hours from 5 am until around 4 pm then I switched to Maxalt. Nothing helped. My last job was for a small business owner who understood when I couldn't make it into work because of my head but my new job is for a corporation and they do not tolerate absences. Is there anything that will actually work on these rain/atmosphere migraines? I've tried other types of prophylactic meds but could not tolerate the side effects which is why I sought out Botox. I don't know what to do - I think if the weather doesn't kill my head, my stress from worrying about it is!

  1. GSD - Diamox is a drug that is sometimes prescribed for weather related Migraines. It is also used for altitude sickness and for those whose Migraines tend to be triggered by air flight. You might ask your doctor if a trial of Diamox might be a possibility for you. I know how it feels to see on the weather report that a front is coming in, knowing I'm going to be miserable, and not have anything to do to prevent it. Diamox doesn't always help, but it might be worth a try 😀

    1. Hi, I'm Matt and this is my first time on any blog
      I use Maxalt and alieve. Be careful with the opiates, as they are merely a band aid. If you used them the day before, they may be making the headache worse from rebound effect. Maxalt and Alieve have anti-swelling properties, and treat the cause of the pain as opposed to masking it. I use Tylenol 3 for a bad hip, but it sometimes brings on a headache. Most of my migraines happen during low barometer, I live in Wisconsin, and our weather is always a mixed bag.

      1. I live out in west Texas we have so many weather changes it can be very hard to treat a migraine. I have had a migraine often before the weather change occurs. I will be going bizerk trying to figure out why I have a headache. Ellen thank you for mentioning the Diamox I will have to ask about it. When I still worked at a job and had to be at work even though I had a headache from the very pit of Hades itself, I made a few adjustments to my work area such as getting the fluorescent tubes unplugged over my workspace. Dabbing citrus essential oils on my chin and other areas around my space to mask smells. I changed the colors of my computer type to softer colors like pink, lavender, and medium shades of blue. I would loosely insert earplugs to muffle the sound a bit. I don't know what your job is but maybe I gave you something that will help.I may be mistaken but I think Maxalt is only for treating a migraine as its starting it's not made to eliminate a headache in progress. Please read all the info sent with your medicine it could save your life. I read it before I take it you cant count on doc or pharmacy to catch interactions especially if you use a mail order and local pharmacy. I caught a deadly interaction myself by reading that stuff before it had a chance to kill me. Best of luck to the new job.

        1. I get migraines every time the barometric pressure goes up or as you might imagine, I am suffering on a much too regular basis. I read the earlier post about Diamox...I will suggest it to my primary. I have had migraines for over 30 years and have tried so many different things...all to no avail. It is very frustrating and depressing. The blog about going on vacation or having free time..well, my migraines do not allow me to get out of bed 90% of the time. My social, spiritual and every other aspect of life has been affected. Thanks to all my fellow migraineurs for contributing and participating in things like this that offer some interaction with people who understand!

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