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When I know the migraine is over

I’ve had migraines since I was 10. Was headache for a quite a while after taking Topamax. But the headaches of come back with vengeance . Thinking of getting Botox. however I have a weird thing that I know that the headache is officially over when I sneeze multiple times and my husband will even say from another room when Hears me sneezing oh good your headache is over.
Anyone else???

  1. Hi elisateach,

    I've not heard this before, but that doesn't mean its not possible. The more I learn about migraine disease, it seems the impossible becomes possible!

    I've been getting Botox since 8/16 and have found it very helpful. My migraine attacks most months are fewer and my abortive (sumatriptan nasal spray) seems to work better. Here is our information on Botox I hope helps;

    Happy New Year!


    1. My MIL gets migraines associated with her Traumatic Brain Injury she got in a car accident over 10 years ago. She started getting Botox over a year ago and it changed her life. She went from literally constant migraines not being able to function to still getting them but they are less in severity and less often, maybe a few times a week lasting a couple hours instead of constant.

      1. HI RaeAiello,

        That's wonderful! I'm so happy to hear that Botox is helping your mother-in-law so much!!

        Thank you for sharing her success with us!!


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