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MRI shows white matter changes. Dr say from migraine?

Anyone else been told that u have white matter changes in brain from years of migraines? My Dr isn't very forthcoming on info and I'm worried, since I've had 3 traumatic brain injuries, migraines since a child, and am now developing some really irritating side effects from all this. Does this mean I'm getting dementia early??

  1. This issue has been reported by others in relation to migraine. I'm sure it is worrying to hear and frustrating that your doctor isn't more helpful with information.

    Let me share with you some information we have on white matter lesions and migraine; and and

    Hope that helps and please stay in touch with us as to how you are, what you continue to learn and if you have any questions or need for support or guidance.

    Thinking of you.

    1. Hi hippiekat,

      Thank you for your question. I can tell you many of us with long term migraine attacks have white matter lesions, however, I understand your concern and share them as well.

      I found this study you may find interesting;

      From my understanding, we're not exactly sure the impact or correlation between migraine and white matter lesions. Further research is needed.


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